• Yoga Nidra on YouTube!

    Check out my first recording of Yoga Nidra - guided deep relaxation. Simply lie down and listen, you can't do it wrong!
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  • Yoga at the Sanctuary

    A special practice in a sacred space: The Sanctuary in East Haddam. Connect to the natural world and celebrate summer! June 25th, 9:30 - 11:30 am.
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  • Restorative and Nidra Yoga

    Sunday, June 4th, 5-7 pm. Supported postures and guided meditation for the deepest relaxation you can imagine.
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Studio Classes

Check out classes and workshops in Middletown, Glastonbury and Bristol.
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Workplace Yoga

Happier, healthier employees means better business.
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One on One Sessions

Study individually with an experienced instructor. Personalized


Sybil Merriman is a truly wonderful yoga teacher…She brought a grace and elegance to each class with a wealth of knowledge and a thoughtfully prepared progression of asana to make each class a unique learning experience. I felt as though I learned something new in each class…As a private instructor she was sensitive to my needs, requests and my body’s individual limitations. She has gentle and supportive ways of correcting us silently with her warm hands. Sybil is forever a dedicated teacher believing that we are teaching her.

— Nolle R.

Current Clients:

Special Referral Offer

I’m offering a special package for friends and family of current clients who are new to yoga: $140 a month (one session per week) for private yoga in home or office.  Minimum two month commitment.  This is a great opportunity to introduce yoga to someone you love!  Contact me to book.